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FRIDAY FountainView IslandView Waterside
8:00 AM Registration
8:55 AM Conference Opening Ceremony/ Keynote Introduction
9:05 AM KEYNOTE - Dr. Chanel Suggs on CyberSecurity
10:05 AM Break
10:35 AM The Future of Front-End Performance Open Source Robotics: Introduction to Gazebo and ROS Build a Successful Remote Agile Team In Three Easy Steps!
11:30 AM Lunch
12:30 PM Mastering the State: Be an Advanced React Developer WORKSHOP: “Build a full stack image recognition pipeline in AWS" How to Pivot your career into the field of Automation and Big Data:
Data Science Talent Shortage
1:25 PM Brain-Robot Interaction & Applying Block-Based Programming to Neurofeedback Application Development Data Science: Transition from Education to Real-World Applications
2:20 PM Break
2:50 PM Lies a Developer Told Me HACKERS, HOOLIGANS, HEISTS, & HISTORY WWCode Huntsville Lightning Talk Block
3:45 PM Day 1 Ending KEYNOTE - Daynise Joseph from Google Fiber - Community Engagement
4:45 PM Break
5:00 PM Speed Mentorship Event
6:00 PM Venue Close
SATURDAY FountainView IslandView Lakeland
9:00 AM Day 2 Opening
9:00 AM Engaging the Community with Sincerity, Kindness, and Gratitude WORKSHOP: Create a Progressive Web App (PWA) using React: What's a PWA and why is everyone talking about it? The Wonderful world of DataCloud
9:25 AM
9:50 AM Break Break
10:10 AM Aligning People and Product Through Design Systems
Google Wants you to get AMP'd - But Should You?
10:35 AM Break
11:00 AM KEYNOTE - Katreena Mullican from TSA - Cloud Computing
12:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Controlling Raspberry Pis With Your Phone Using Python WORKSHOP: “Build a full stack image recognition pipeline in AWS” 5 Ways to be a Better Dev, No Matter What!
1:55 PM Second Career Code Leveraging the Power of Service Design to Boost Web Performance
2:50 PM Break
3:20 PM DevOps: A Love Story Open Spaces: Life in Tech Enneagram for Engineers
4:15 PM Life in Tech: A Panel
5:15 PM End of Conference Wrapup
6:00 PM Venue Close

*Schedule is subject to change

Justify your trip

Justify Your Trip

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